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5 Alarming Reasons You Should Grow Food Indoors and Outdoors Today

Collection of garden seeds
Garden seeds, anyone?

There’s something magical about being able to grow a plant and keep it alive, right? Well, what if you had to do it to sustain your life? Ready or not, we’re there! In these uncertain times, it is imperative that we are knowledgeable about how to grow some or all of our own food supply. Aside from saving money and eating fresh, nourishing foods, the following shocking reasons are guaranteed to give you hella motivation for producing your own food in an indoor or outdoor garden today.

Note: The purpose of this message is not to scare you, but to prepare you. We encourage our readers to understand what’s going on in the world in hopes that they will respond appropriately for their family situation.

Food Insecurity and Famine Risk Are on the Rise in 2021

According to Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S., most food banks have seen higher demand for food compared to this time last year. This means that many of us or our neighbors don’t have enough food right now. The United Nations is also speaking with various experts about strategies for addressing a possible “catastrophic global famine.

For those who feel "secure" enough to ignore this information, keep in mind it may only take a pay cut, a job loss, or personal tragedy to wipe out savings and investments. Preparing a garden is the best defense, not only for a global food crisis but for your overall health.

Increasing Food Recalls and Shortages

OMG if there is another onion recall we gonna bl*w this MF’er up! Just kidding. Hope we're not flagged for that LOL. But seriously, we bet we’re not the only ones who have lost track of all the major, multistate food recalls that have happened in recent years. Seemingly annual romaine lettuce or leafy greens recalls. Cantaloupe recall. Citrus recall. Avocado shortage. Don’t even get us started on the Chipotle crisis! And the list is likely to go on and on. We want to be confident in what we buy, but there are so many reasons to feel otherwise. One way to gain confidence in your food is to have a source of your own. Now is a great time to start if you haven’t already.

The government wants you to stop in-person grocery shopping

The U.S. government apparently wants to mandate lots of things that don’t make sense for ALL people. Multiple lamestream media sources are reporting that the feds said "Americans should stay home and buy groceries online.” Shopping online is cool and all, but raise your hand if you feel comfortable being told what to do...we’ll wait. With a home garden, you’ll absolutely have the power to prepare against wherever this may be heading.

Some “smart” and rich fools are trying to block out the sun

Now, this one is beyond ridiculous. Harvard scientists, backed by private donors including Bill Gates, are trying to block sunlight as a solution to global warming. The last time I checked, the sun belonged to ALL of us. Did anyone ask for YOUR permission? WTF is up with these people’s obsession to tamper and destroy?

America is run by people claiming to be the best and brightest, who are advised by so-called experts, and yet this country is currently in shambles and the laughing stock of the world. No country on planet Earth should be on board with this foolishness. Get your food supply ready. The "experts" are proposing a test run (without releasing the particles) as soon as June 2021. If this experiment is implemented in the future, you’ll definitely want to have knowledge of how to grow inside your home.

Approval of highly toxic pesticides for citrus in 2021

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just approved the use of a highly toxic pesticide that they themselves previously banned because of its risk to farmers, infants, and young children. According to The Center for Food Safety, “Aldicarb is a pesticide that causes nausea, blurred vision, tremors, and other neurotoxic symptoms at extremely low exposure levels, and is also toxic to birds, mammals, and fish. It has been banned in more than a hundred countries across the world. WHO [the World Health Organization] has classified the pesticide as ‘extremely hazardous.’” WTF. All we have to say is get your garden ready, boo.

Key Takeaways

Do not wait! Get serious about dedicating some time to read or watch videos about gardening. There are plenty of free and low-cost ways to get the information you need to get started or improve on what you already have going. Buying seeds and re-growing food from scraps is a great way to build your supply. Our nation is changing drastically, right before our eyes. Please don't ignore the signs. God gave you a brain. Use it!

Thriving moms are aware and prepared. Are you? Check out this cool list of black-owned seed companies to get your garden started.

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