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7 Habits Successful People Have in Common

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Are you ready to win?

Everyone wants to be successful at something. If you are looking for a boost in any area of life, these 7 tips for success can help you start winning today.

Successful people...

Use their time wisely

North Americans watch an average of 251 minutes of TV and approximately 82 minutes on social media daily. That’s over 5.5 hours of screen time each day! Maybe you aren’t that bad, but many people are addicted to these time-sucking activities and don’t even realize it. If you think you don’t have time to start your business or grow your side hustle, you should assess how you spend your “free” time. An occasional moment for entertainment is perfectly fine, but just remember it can turn into a distraction that can have you waking up on the morning of your 65th birthday regretting that your business never took off. Spending your time intentionally on the things and people that actually matter will get you closer to the life you claim you want.

Take care of their health

Unhealthy habits and addictions are the killers of the best ideas and most talented individuals. Whether it's an overindulgence in food, alcohol, recreational drugs, a sedentary lifestyle, or even being awake too long (sleep deprivation), these behaviors pose the serious risk of not being healthy enough (or alive long enough) to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Successful people are intentional about creating a healthy lifestyle. We have it easier than any other generation with the abundance of resources and tips to create lively and wholesome routines that fit our ultra-busy lifestyles. Don’t leave your health on the backburner. If habits or addictions are too difficult for you to squash on your own, be sure to seek the help of a professional.

Set measurable goals

Getting from point A to point B is not always a straight shot. Lots of goals require various tasks. Saying that you want to save money or lose weight is simply too vague. Successful people set goals that are specific, and they identify EACH task necessary to reach that goal. It doesn't matter how you track your progress. A web or mobile application, or good ol' fashion pen and paper will do the trick. Just be specific and put some action behind it.

Are consistent

If you are the type of person who gives up easily when things get tough, you’ll definitely have to change that! How do you expect to reach any of your goals if you give up when you no longer feel like doing the work or when a task feels too difficult? There’s nothing wrong with seeking help if you don’t have all the answers, but you must keep moving forward. The reward feels so much sweeter when you have powered through all the things you may have considered to be roadblocks.

Give zero f*cks

Well, maybe they give a few of the right f*cks. But generally speaking, successful people are able to tune out the negativity to remain focused on their goals. Getting wrapped up in your feelings can be crippling for your productivity. If someone doesn’t like you or what you’re doing, you need to understand whether it's worth your energy to respond. Sometimes a clever response can be a good thing, but ignoring ignorance is also quite magical.

Recognize they are in control

If you are not in control, then who or what is? Successful people understand that if they are to achieve a goal, it is solely up to them. There is no room for excuses on the way to the top. Taking ownership of issues and turning them into wins is essential.

Are decisive AF

We know this might ruffle some feathers but, if you can’t decide between the salmon and the mahi mahi in less than 2 minutes, you may have some issues. When you identify something you like, just pull the trigger! Successful people are able to identify what they want, or what is best, quicker than the average person. Leaders must be able to spend less time making decisions on small matters to have the mental capacity and time left to decide on things of greater importance. And yes, every second matters when you’re trying to win. Don’t waste precious time mulling over things that truly do not matter.

Key Takeaways

Becoming successful is as hard as you make it. Practicing the positive habits of successful people, and knowing when to seek coaching, will help you reach your goals with greater ease and quicker than you can imagine. Thriving moms maintain momentum. What are some other habits that have helped you overcome barriers on your journey to the top? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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