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Classroom Terror In 2021: Don’t Let Your Child Be Next

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“Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” -Malcolm X

How many more stories of student abuse, at the hands of school personnel, have to occur before more parents take action? We cannot continue to live as if the fairytale of justice and equality in education exists. If we pay attention to what’s happening in the U.S. and abroad right now, it's clear to see why it’s best to keep our children away from certain individuals. We must stop leaving our children with teachers and staff who are willing to miseducate and violate them. We must be willing to go the extra mile to keep our kiddos safe, properly educated, and ready for the real world.

Classroom Terror in 2021

If you still haven’t decided whether teaching your child at home is the right choice for you, the following news headlines of real incidents that occurred in the first quarter of 2021 should give you plenty of motivation. Just imagine the number of incidents that never make it to the media.

Elementary School

Feb 2021: Georgia substitute teacher arrested after she was caught masturbating in class

Mar 2021: White Arkansas Teacher Placed on Leave After Forcing Black 5-Year-Old Boy to Unclog a Toilet with His Bare Hands

Mar 2021: North Carolina Elementary School Showcases #KeepSlavery and #SlaveryForever Messages From 4th-Grade ‘Historical’ Assignment

Middle School

Feb 2021: Wisconsin teachers suspended after asking students how they would 'punish' slaves

Feb 2021: Geneseo, IL middle school teacher arrested for child pornography

Mar 2021: Florida Substitute teacher arrested for hitting two students

High School

Jan 2021: North Carolina NHC teacher suspended after smoking on Zoom in front of students

Mar 2021: Pennsylvania teacher suspended over ‘unacceptable’ assignment on slaves

Mar 2021: Texas Student Says Teacher Gave White Students the Go-Ahead to Use the N-Word

Until educational justice becomes the norm, our children are better off not participating in a system that sustains this egregious behavior.

How to Get Out

  1. Check out the laws for your state - HSLDA.org - The Home School Legal Defense Association provides information and resources for getting started, consultation and legal support for homeschooling families, and they even offer grants to help cover the cost of necessary items like curriculum books and school supplies.

  2. Submit any required paperwork with your state and/or local school district.

  3. Determine your approach - According to homeschool.com, there are 10 different approaches to homeschooling. You have the power to choose the method that works best for your priorities and lifestyle.

  4. Order materials such as curriculum workbooks, supplies, testing materials, etc.

  5. Create a schedule that works for your family and begin teaching.

At any point in this process, it's always helpful to connect with other families for community support.

Tips from the Pros

Check out these thriving homeschool moms on IG. These beautiful, adventurous, and accomplished women offer actionable content to help you reach your homeschool goals.

@mommyweek @themomtrotter @theintuitivehomeschooler

Key Takeaways

Becoming your child’s teacher provides you with the freedom to cultivate excellence without compromising on safety. We understand that taking charge of your child’s learning can seem like a daunting task, but it CAN be done. Moms all over the country are making the switch right now! Thriving moms keep their little ones away from institutions that have a proven track record of destruction. What are some of your biggest worries about adopting a homeschool lifestyle for your family? Leave a comment below and share this post with your homegirls who need a bit of encouragement.

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