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More Trouble Ahead for the U.S. Blood Supply

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If you think our national blood supply doesn’t matter or doesn't apply to you, think again. Blood transfusions are not just for individuals with illnesses or in surgery, they save the lives of people who have been injured in car crashes, natural disasters, and other completely random and devastating events.

Having enough blood donations to meet demand is vital for the health of our country. However, U.S. blood collection efforts, already experiencing dangerously low donations, have further declined in recent weeks.

According to the American Red Cross, nearly "10,000 units of plasma are needed daily in the U.S.” Since new guidance prohibits convalescent plasma donations from people who have received the covid shot, what could this mean for other life-saving blood products in our national blood supply? If the vax ingredients render convalescent plasma useless, what would be the case for the rest of the blood products (whole blood, red cells, platelets)?

Source: TruthVideos1984

It wipes out natural antibodies! Sounds hella wicked.

If you are a good candidate for blood donation, we hope that you will consider donating soon. Our brothers and sisters experiencing various illnesses and injuries depend on all of us. The dwindling blood supply should make you curious about a lot of other things. What is your top health-related concern for our near future?

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