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What’s Up With That Bag of Pills, Grandma?

a pile of prescription medication pills
Does she really need all of these?

How many times have you witnessed an elder pull out a bag of prescription pills that appears to weigh more than a bag of avocados? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of so many of our elders being afflicted by preventable illnesses? No matter what anyone tells you, taking multiple prescription medications is NOT a normal part of aging. America is a country that would rather keep you sick for profit than promote a healthy lifestyle and holistic care. Millennial mommas must reject what has become the “norm” and make decisions to decrease the odds that our kids will be burdened with the unnecessary pain of watching their parents and grandparents die a slow and painful death by prescription. Here are 5 of the simplest ways to help Granny get off the pills and keep your family from heading down the same path as you all get older.


The benefits of sunlight are endless. Did you know that regular exposure to the right amounts of sunlight can aid in the prevention of certain cancers including colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and pancreatic cancer among others? This mood-boosting star also has the ability to help regulate our sleep cycle. The benefits of this free energy source are just as plentiful to us as to the plants we require for food.

Eating Uncooked Foods

Living people need living food, and we’re obviously not referring to meat! The Most High blessed us with plants that produce food and give us seeds to continue to feed ourselves. Uncooked vegetables, fruit, and herbs provide the highest levels of nutrition. Eating fresh colorful foods is necessary for strengthening the immune system. The benefits of eating uncooked food include more energy, better sleep, a healthy weight, improved overall health, and disease prevention. Starting a garden is a great way to have a continuous source of high-quality, pesticide-free food.

Natural Haircare and Skincare Products

The health and beauty market is flooded with beauty products containing toxic ingredients. However, we are so fortunate to be living in a time where clean beauty products are also available in abundance. You can find high-quality, vegan makeup and chemical-free hair and body care all over the internet and in the most popular retail stores. Purchasing from a marketplace that only offers toxic-free brands, like Blk+Grn, is a great way to keep daily routines free of harmful ingredients and support business owners in our community.


Contrary to popular practice, exercise is NOT optional. Aside from the obvious risk of obesity, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, and early death. Going to the gym isn’t necessary for a healthy body. Home workouts can be as simple to implement as exercising for the duration of your favorite TV show, taking a power walk around the neighborhood, or putting on a daily dance party with the kids. Families who choose not to make fitness a priority are more likely to experience early health declines.

Holistic Medicine

If your elder has been with the same physician for decades and, with each check-up, they are sent home with a longer list of medications to take, this is a sign to seek additional help. There are different types of holistic health practitioners, but seeking the advice of a doctor who specializes in whole-body care and solutions may reduce or even eliminate the need for long-term synthetic medicine use. There’s more to good health than simply treating the symptoms of a disease. Holistic medicine takes a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Key Takeaways

Our country has an obsession with adding fried, cheesy, and dead foods as main entrees on kids' menus. Taking your kid for fast food whenever they are hungry is a sure way to keep them accustomed to the taste of low-quality food, addicted to the chemical additives in those foods, and likely unable to properly address their own nutritional needs as an adult. If we don’t want our little ones growing into adults who are dependent on pills to manage preventable illnesses, we must adopt healthy lifestyles and teach them the way. Thriving moms cultivate a healthy lifestyle no matter the level of resistance. What are your favorite ways you keep your family healthy in a country that strives to keep us on medications?

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Note: This is not medical advice. These tips are helpful for those looking to improve outcomes under the care of a medical or holistic professional.

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